Terrier Cvlt will be temporarily putting a stop to production on September 1, 2020. August 31st is the last day to place orders before we go on hiatus. We are taking a page out of the almighty Seth Rollin's handbook & will Redesign, Rebuild & Reclaim. The goal is to relaunch with a laser focus & be stronger than ever. When will that day come? The honest answer is, We’re not sure. The amount of hatred & negativity that is out in the world right now has stifled our drive & completely smothered out any creativity we had left. The goal would be to clear our heads, take a break & start over with a new look & feel. We would love to start back up by the end of 2020 but we can't be sure. Thank you all for the years of love & support. It's crazy, we actually started a cvlt! & we don't take that for granted at all. We appreciate every one of you. Stay safe, put on a fucking mask, vote & try being kind to one another for a change. - Terrier Cvlt