Just like you, we proudly wear the badge of being antisocial dog lovers who'd choose the delightful company of our furry friends over most humans any day. Our creative endeavors find inspiration from none other than our four-legged muse, the illustrious Elsa. And guess what? People seem to dig our designs – go figure! The sheer passion and boundless love we pour into our craft left us with no other option but to embark on a wild journey and birth a Cvlt.

You're reading this right now, and you know what that means? You're a part of this quirky adventure! So, if you find yourself getting swept away by the charm of our creations, you can only blame one person – yourself! Embrace the blame, because in the grand scheme of things, you're just as much a co-conspirator in the creation of our whimsical world as Elsa herself. Welcome to the Cvlt – where dog love, creativity, and a pinch of eccentricity collide for an unforgettable ride!