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About Us

Like you, we proudly embrace our identity as antisocial dog lovers, finding solace in the company of our furry friends over most humans any day. Our creative pursuits draw inspiration from our four-legged muses, the illustrious Elsa and the one-eyed Ivy. And would you believe it? People seem to love our designs – go figure! Fueled by our sheer passion and love for our craft, we had no choice but to embark on a wild journey and give birth to a Cvlt.

As you read these words, you become a part of our crazy adventure! So, if you find yourself enchanted by the charm of our creations, there's only one person to blame – yourself! Embrace that blame, because in the grand tapestry of creation, you're just as much a co-conspirator in shaping our eccentric world as Elsa and Ivy. Welcome to Terrier Cvlt – where dog love, creativity, and eccentricity collide to offer you an unforgettable journey!