Meet Ivy

Meet Ivy The One Eyed Boston.

We are fostering Ivy through S.N.O.R.T. Rescue @snortrescue after she was surrendered last week. She came to S.N.O.R.T with a bad eye that needed to be removed immediately. After having surgery earlier this week and traveling over 4 hours she has made it to us to convalesce. She is so sweet and happy it’s hard to believe she’s around 9 years old and just had surgery! So far she loves to cuddle and explore. Like many Bostons, she has a short burst of energy followed by a nice long nap. She won’t meet Elsa for a few days as she needs to acclimate and then we will slowly introduce them. Ivy is our first foster and we can’t wait until she is well enough to be adopted into her forever home. Whoever gets to adopt her will be so lucky!

Stay tuned for updates and adoption info!