Elsa Update: Week 01

Wow! What a long week. Elsa has been receiving her first course of radiation treatment at MSPCA Angell in Boston and is finally home for the weekend.

Along with her radiation, Elsa also had a small procedure to install a VAP into her neck to allow for easier administration of medications. The appearance of the port was a little alarming when we saw her, however, it’s a necessary part of her treatment. She still has a lot of fluid in her ears and will also need an additional procedure to drain them both, which will be done in conjunction with a radiation treatment while she is under anesthesia. Depending on schedules that may be done next week.
The team at MSPCA Angell have been amazing! They have been texting and sending photos to keep us updated when Elsa is in and out of treatments and how she’s eating. We feel good knowing she is in such caring and capable hands.

Overall, she has tolerated these treatments really well and her appetite is increasing. We also see that glimmer in her eye and her personality shining through her sickly exterior. She is eating all the wake up wraps she can stand and had a welcome home party with cake! Elsa is also getting all the love and attention we can give.

We also want to take a moment to thank everyone who have purchased something from Terrier Cvlt, donated to her GoFundMe, sent healing messages or kept Elsa in your hearts the past couple of weeks. It really means a lot and if we’re not careful we’re going to start liking people AND our dogs XOXO

Keep the good vibes coming her way- she needs them!