Elsa Update - Final Radiation Update 08/22

Hi All,

I am so happy to be writing this final update on our miracle child, Elsa. Of course we will continue to post and share her awesomeness but this will be our final “formal” update.

For those that have contributed to her recovery either spiritually, financially, or actively participated  in her diagnosis & treatment- THANK YOU! While the words don’t really express the deep gratitude that we feel, we know that if you are a fan of what we’re doing here at Terrier Cvlt, then you know the love and obsession we have for our maniac dog and the lengths any of us would go through for them.

Elsa has been making a spectacular recovery! She had a slight hiccup right after radiation treatment that had her still feeling lethargic and not wanting to eat, but a quick diagnosis of a UTI and some antibiotics and she is back on her feet- quite literally! The past 3-4 days have really shown Elsa maintaining her energy levels. Instead of small glimpses of her old self with bursts of energy and personality, she is keeping steady and being herself all day long. Being herself includes: being sweet and looking to snuggle, eating but being particular about what she eats, farting, going for short walks, greeting us at the door when we come home, and communicating specific needs with a head tilt and puppy dog eyes.

Her skin is clearing up and she is even starting to grow some hair back! It’s really funny too because the hair that is growing in is all white, so where her feet were shaved from various IVs over the years there is a definitive line where her hair is black then white. Her incisions from the VAP placement and growth removals are also healed up nicely and are not giving her any issues. We are focusing now on managing her cushings, fattening her up and gaining some strength in her hind legs.

The biggest relief is to see that she is happy and living life to the fullest while being spoiled rotten. We can’t wait to share what Terrier Cvlt has been working on behind the scenes and continuing to share our craziness with you all!

This. is your last chance to donate to her Gofundme before we take it down on September 1st and we could really use the help! Every penny is going directly to Elsa's radiation treatment bill and her ongoing care so thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Please spread the word and you can donate HERE.