Elsa Update: August 2022

ELSA UPDATE: 2 Week Check Up Post Radiation

Tough as nails Elsa is still kicking ass and taking names over at Angell Medical Center. She continues to be bright and alert with a good amount of pep in her step. While her progress is slow and riddled with setbacks she continues to move in a positive direction.

At todays visit we were focused on rechecking her cortisol levels to verify she is getting the appropriate dose of her cushings meds and a general check up to determine next steps after radiation. Elsa also got her staples removed from her foot where she had some non-cancerous growths removed. We also had some concerns with her lack of appetite (she did not even eat her wake up wrap!) and aversion to drinking water that had started to develop over the weekend. This was especially worrisome because she was doing so well with her appetite. Our Doctor assured us that this was normal and nothing to be alarmed about, she gave us some appetite stimulants and Elsa received some subcutaneous fluids to rehydrate her while we awaited results of her bloodwork. Overall her wound healing is going slow but steady with her foot and neck are looking good enough that she can now take a bath, thank God! Elsa was so brave and good on our visit that we stopped for a Starbucks Puppuccino on our way home, which she had no problem gobbling down.

Overall Elsa’s progress is slow but steady. While it’s sometimes hard to see how far she’s come because she still has a long way to go it’s nice to be reminded and reassured by her oncology team about how well she is doing. They are just as invested in Elsa’s recovery as we are and are keeping us grounded during this highly emotional journey. We also want to thank all of you guys for your continued interest and investment is Elsa’s well being - we know the good vibes and love being sent her way is making a difference and we are humbled by all the support she has received from everyone.