Elsa Summer 2023 Update

Hard to believe that it was a year ago that we made our first trip to MSPCA Angell to discuss options in regards to Elsa’s brain tumor. We were so scared yet so relieved to know what had been mysteriously ailing her for years. Sometimes we look at her and still worry about her weight and whether she’s eating enough or acting “normal”, but to see these pics reminds us of how far we really have come.

All of Elsa’s hair has grown back- in a mature white to show off her immense wisdom and she has gained weight back and eats, whenever she damn well pleases, but most importantly she has a spark of life in her eyes. We get to see her run to the door when we come home and jump on the couch to snuggle while we watch TV and give her annoying younger sister hell for bothering her. That makes all the vet trips and bills 100% with it. We wouldn’t be here without the amazing team at MSPCA Angell who took the best care of her during her month long radiation treatments. We were terrified to leave her, but were instantly reassured after seeing the care and consideration they showed her in our absence.

For that reason we are releasing the Elsa’s Angells tees with proceeds going to the people who were the real life angels to Elsa. The MSPCA not only offers specialty veterinary care but goes above and beyond for animals when it comes to rescue, legislation, education and so much more.

Please consider buying a shirt or donating to them directly to be an Elsa’s Angell.