Hey there, My name is Bob Melvin, and I wear a lot of hats!

At Terrier Cvlt, I'm the big boss and head designer.
On the flip side, I get creative with logos, clothing, promos, and marketing stuff for a variety of clients, from record labels to restaurants and everywhere in between. I'm not just a business guy – I'm also an independent artist as well as a musician. When I'm not wearing those hats, you'll find me either setting up fresh eCommerce stores for clients or sprucing up old ones, all using the Shopify platform.

I have 10+ years of experience using Shopify and my pricing includes the setup of store specifics on the backend, along with the creation of essential pages such as the Front Page (Home), Collections Page, Product Page, Terms and Conditions Page, Refund Policy/Return and Refund Policy Page, and a Contact Us page. Additionally, I will fine-tune your menu system for a seamless user experience. Clients are responsible for the initial template purchase, which can range from $200-$500 based on their specific needs. Mockups will be provided to the client before the project commences.
Upon completion, I will seamlessly integrate 5-10 products into the client's store and offer detailed instructions on how to add more in the future.

Prices are flexible, contingent on the complexity of the client's needs, starting at $3,500 for a small build and varying up to $50,000+ for more extensive designs. If you are looking to build a new website or give your existing one a much needed facelift, please reach out direct at terriercvlt@gmail.com. 

Examples Of Previous Shopify Builds:
Terrier Cvlt
Retail Website Specializing In Gifts & Apparel
Pigment Tattoo & Laser Removal
Tattoo Shop, Gallery & Retail Website
Safe Rescue
Retail Website Specializing In Safety Equipment & Training Classes
Rescue Gear
Retail Website Specializing In Safety Equipment
Tom's Dive & Swim
Retail Website Specializing In Dive Equipment & Dive Classes